Image of lettuce grown at Huarache Farms

About Us

Sustaina is a software company dedicated to building localized, self-organizing, and sustainable local farms and small businesses in communities everywhere. With our novel general simulator platform, you can sustain-a-anything.
Create and manage the process to produce your product - from conception to production, whether it's growing food, cooking up a recipe, or manufacturing a good.
Offer transparency and openess to your customers - showing them how your products were made. Measure your inputs and outputs to create a more sustainable and equitable product.
Connect with a community run and open source community platform that will educate consumers and producers. We'll be able to share knowledge and process for any field.

Our Story

Mike and Isaac setting up infrastructure at Serpazan's farm.

It all started with an engineer and a designer with an idea for a general simulator that could make sustainable living a reality; who met an urban farmer with dreams to terraform Los Angeles. We quit our jobs to join forces and make something that made these dreams possible and could be shared with everyone. With these aspirations and skillsets, we reimagined what business and technology can do to help in the fight for a better world.

Our team of three learned what it took to launch Huarache Farms, a backyard urban farm collective, from acquiring the licensing to organizing a team to building a profitable business that cares just as much about people and the planet. We found a way to collaborate across lots of farm sites and workers in the most efficient way. At a local scale, we had to be creative, bold, and resourceful. We built many different types of infrastructure, found ways to shave down costs, figured out ways to communicate across many team members, and partnered with other local businesses. In the midst of the pandemic, we launched a Community Supported Agriculture program and learned the value of e-commerce sales for all businesses in the future.

Erika preparing fruit for packing at Huarache Farms.

As we created "weapons of mass creation" and delivered those creations across LA, we saw the power of local produce to make a huge difference and we found a community who wanted to invest in businesses and projects that were thoughtful in their approaches and practices. This created the backbone of what we believe in here at Sustaina.

We ideated, coded, designed, farmed, and sweated our way towards a product that we believe can help anyone start up their passion, no matter what it is. We're passionate about urban farms making a difference, but we're also passionate that our platform can help any company or person. We have a responsibility to empower as many communities as possible and leave them better off. We built our software platform to encompass all of these needs of a business and champion local production over mass production. We believe that the local scale can drive change and we want to make it easy to be part of that shift towards sustainable living.

With our lean team and approach, we're excited to provide access to Sustaina's tools worldwide and hope that you see all the endless possibilities of our platform!

Our Team

Our company is bootstrapped together by a small team of 2 passionate founders - ready to help local growers and producers, whether its coding feverishly to create the perfect feature or getting their hands dirty out in the field.
Isaac Qureshi CEO of Sustaina

Isaac Qureshi

Cofounder and CEO

Isaac is a software engineer with experience developing virtual reality video games, web pages, and robotics applications.

Erika Hang COO of Sustaina

Erika Hang

Cofounder and COO

Erika is a designer with experience in graphic design, operations and project management, and media production.