About Us

Sustaina is a software company dedicated to building software tools that allow small and medium sized businesses to streamline and gain efficiencies in their operations. We’re bridging the gap for these businesses to access tools that often only large corporations can afford or have the staffing to implement.

For the last few years, we've worked closely with farmers' markets, vendors, and farms to allow them to sell online and connect them to their suppliers, crops, products, and customers. We've generalized our toolset for any business type. With our novel general simulator platform, you can sustain-a-anything.

Our Team

Our company is bootstrapped together by a small team of 2 passionate founders - ready to help local growers and producers, whether its coding feverishly to create the perfect feature or getting their hands dirty out in the field.
Isaac Qureshi CEO of Sustaina

Isaac Qureshi

Cofounder and CEO

Isaac is a software engineer with experience developing virtual reality video games, web pages, and robotics applications.

Erika Hang COO of Sustaina

Erika Hang

Cofounder and COO

Erika is a designer with experience in graphic design, operations and project management, and media production.