Empowering Local Farms & Small Businesses
Sustaina is a powerful all-in-one platform helping local farms and small businesses to create, maintain, track and manage their product from seed-to-sale

Our Features

Screenshot of Sustaina's Planning Feature

Create a plan for your business from start to finish

With our interactive map, you can spatially map your infrastructure/supplies and create shifts tied to its watering, fertilzing, harvesting, and packing tasks. You'll get better and smarter projections of your inventory and outputs as your team inputs data during each work shift.

Mike planting lettuce in the hydrobedHuarache Farms member loading up mushrooms on a trayHuarache Farms member bundling KaleHuarache Farms member harvesting mintHuarache Farms members planting at Chile Lily
“Sustaina helped me build my business from the ground up and gave me the tools to manage, organize, and empower my team day-in and day-out.”

- Michael Wood, Lead Farmer, Huarache Farms
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Who can use Sustaina?

Sustaina can work for a variety of businesses, from the inception of the business or project idea to the first sale of your product. These tools give any business the ability to manage their supplies and inventories, work across their teams, and make delivery or pick-ups easy for customers.


Our first partner was a local urban farm, which means our system is ready to go for any farm that wants to start selling their produce online or manage their farmers' market inventory.


Restaurants can manage their supplies and menus, even showing customers where they source their ingredients. Sustaina can help you plan delivery routes for orders, and takes less money than other delivery apps.

Home Gardens

Home gardeners can use our system for free to start planning their garden set-up and tracking their infrastructure's progress. Learn from processes that other local farms have shared publically.

Small Grocery Stores

List your inventory, sell tickets to community events, and plan deliveries to local customers. Show where your inventory is sourced and collaborate with your vendors on offerings.

Cottage Food / Home Food Businesses

As a home baker or food producer, you can work with existing farms on the platform to source ingredients, put up weekly menus, and offer local pickups or deliveries to expand your business.

...and more!

These are some of the businesses that will work with this platform, but the sky's the limit! We believe we can help you streamline your operation.
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