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Tools to help from seed to sale; with pricing from free to scale!

Monthly FeeFree Forever$49.99 / month
Take and Schedule Cash OrdersFree 0%
Sales Fee (Produce, Merchandise, Etc)1.5%0.5%
Estimated Monthly Sustaina Cost
Best Deal (Monthly Sales)To $5,000$5,000+
Payment Processing Fees (With Paypal's Braintree)Credit Cards: 2.59% + $0.491 | Paypal and Venmo: 3.49% + $0.491 | ACH Direct Debit: 0.75%


Number of Site LocationsUnlimited
Online Sales
Menu Item LimitUnlimited
Free Business to Business Orders (Payment Processing Fees still apply)
Edit Orders Between Partners and Sites
Schedule Events and Manage Ticketing
Regionally Searchable
Customer Advertising. We advertise to local customers in your area on your behalf on Social Media
When profitable, we will actively donate to locally owned growers worldwide, to help produce a sustainably abundant world.
Public (Or Private) Profile on Sustaina.World
Share Your Plan, Map, and Org Info
Customizable Permissions with Memberships: Customers to Managers
Accept Email Subscribers
...E-Mail Campaigns Connected to Menus, Shifts, and more! (Coming Soon)$0.001 / Email ($1 / 1000 Emails)
If you plan on sending more than 2500 emails / month or have 500 email subscribers, we likely have the best email marketing tool for you! Per email we are about 20% to 50% less than MailChimp.
Map And Export Routes
Optimize Routes finding the best order of stop:$.01 per stop
Routing software such as optimoroute and routific cost $30+ / driver / month. With Sustaina you could optimize 3000 stops for the same cost. That's 100 orders a day for the whole month on Sustaina!
...Connect to Delivery Businesses near you (Coming Soon)
...Find Delivery Jobs (Coming Soon)
Build and Simulate Your Plan
Manage Inventory and Supplies
Plan any process, from planting to harvesting to cooking with recipes, seeing the exact inputs, outputs, and status at any point in time!
Create Shifts / MonthUnlimited
Manage Accounting and Financials
Export Reports and Data
Manage Clock-Ins and Track Payments to WorkersUnlimited
...Quickbooks Sync (Coming Soon)
Optional Setup. Let us setup your Sustaina Site!$100
Discord Chat
Contact the Team Anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no set up fee. There also isn't any limited time for your free trial. Use the basic functions of our platform for free forever. You don't even have to enter a credit card to get started. If you would like us to get your started we offer a $100 setup service.

Visit to create your free account and get started. You can also visit our guide walkthroughs for partners and for customers.

Connect With Us We would love to help you sell your local, sustainably produced products! You can also apply for sales through your business profile's main settings, via the gear icon on your main business page.

Yes, you can delete your account at any time, if you decide it's not the right platform for you.

Every business gets 100 Route Stops for free. For every route that we reorder to get the shortest route, we charge the low fee of $0.005 - $0.01 per stop. For example, rerouting a route of 23 stops would cost you $0.23 if you were using the Free Membership, or $0.115 if you were using either of the 2 highest Memberships. We only charge for finding the optimal route for you, all other routing work is free. You can reorder the stops by hand and get the Google Maps Route all for free!

For a fast payment experience for customers across all of Sustaina, we take the payment and disburse your money to your account twice a week, with the payment processing fee and the sales fee taken out. This means, you simply need to be approved to sell, and provide a Paypal or Bank Routing number to begin taking online orders on Sustaina!

You provide a credit card on file to use for a recurring subscription payment for your account.

You do! Export any and all of your data anytime. We do not sell or distribute your data in any way. Also, you can make any page in your farm profile public to show how your farm works.